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Stone Installation, Restoration and Preservation

Marble, Granite, Slate, Serpentine, Dolomite, Terrazzo, Quartzite, Travertine, Limestone, and Sandstone

When I first began working with stone, a customer may have had 50 possible choices of stone to use on a particular project. Now the American Institute of Architecture has tested over 800 types of stone for use in today's construction market. The need for professional expertise is greater than ever.

Each type of stone is different, and each requires different techniques for restoration and preservation. Hartley Marble has developed both grinding and crystallization methods of restoration and is constantly researching better ways to get the best and longest-lasting finish for each stone.

Stone Sealing

Stone sealing is probably the least-understood process in the stone industry. One sealer will not do a good sealing job for all stones. Fortunately, most companies that produce sealers for the stone industry have realized this and generally give the stone professional multiple choices of products to chose from that can get the job done right. Unfortunately, a person unfamiliar with the products &/or stone characteristics can easily make terrible mistakes. There is no substitute for experience when it comes to sealing stone.

Stone Maintenance

Many stones can, as a result of how they are used, require regular maintaince to achieve and maintain the look the customer desires.

A good example is commercial floors, where high traffic can dull the finish on high-shine materials. Hartley Marble has maintained many stone floors for many years to the satisfaction of our customers. (Go to See Our Work for further information about these jobs.)

Stain removal

Stain removal is an art in itself. It requires a good deal of knowledge and experience to separate stain from stone.

With over twenty years of field experience, we avoid the pitfalls of trial and error and the permanent damage to the stone that can result from lack of experience.

Stone installation

Our business began as an installation company in 1977. We have buildings from coast to coast where we have installed stone on new and remodeled projects. From project conception to maintaince of completed projects, we can help you select a suitable stone, get it installed properly and design a maintaince program to suit your needs.


Experience is our greatest asset. Our consulting services can help you out at any stage of your project.

Scratch removal

Grout staining


Refinishing (polishing, grinding, cleaning, sealing)

Tile installation

Restoration analysis

Project Design